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Changing Lives. One Laptop at a Time.

  • November 23, 2016
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“Wow! Look at all those new laptops!” a six-year old with curly brown hair and big brown eyes exclaimed.

“I wonder who they’re for?” a young boy in third grade shouted.

“I heard they were donated to us!” Another chimed in.dsc_05799



Friends, families, students and teachers trickled into the cafeteria preparing for their annual Thanksgiving Day feast.

Sure, it’s Friday and the day before Thanksgiving vacation but there’s a sense of anticipation and curiosity, creating quite a buzz.

This year is different though.

Beautifully stacked on the stage were twenty-six shiny, silver laptops – gifts that will keep on giving for many years to come.

Six years ago, there would not have been a cafeteria filled with children. dsc_0656

St. Joseph’s Catholic School serving the Hispanic community, has been a local fixture since 1896 in the heart of West Tampa. The school was on the brink of closing when Mrs. Brenda Budd, the principal took it over just six years ago.

Thanks to Mrs. Budd the dream of every child is to be the first kid in their family to go to college.

St. Joseph’s has been the first center for excellence in a nationwide tech incubator roll out across Notre Dame Ace Academies.

For all of us here at eSmart there is nothing more rewarding then knowing we are helping kids achieve their dreams.

Folks from Tampa Preparatory School, BB & T, Northstar Bank and Tampa Bay Lightning saw first-hand the power of turning trash into cash and giving kids access to a world of infinite possibilities.

The CEO’s, owners, and leaders of their businesses were able to see how they can make a difference with just one laptop. They now have a reason, much bigger than money to act.

It takes just one old laptop regardless of its condition.

Together, we are making this a reality.dsc_06644

One Million Laptops. One Million Kids Campaign.

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