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New Electronics for the Holidays? Here’s How to E-Recycle Your Old Stuff

  • December 20, 2016
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By Jody Agard, December 20th, 2016

Out with the Old in with the New

You’ve spent hours researching Amazon and flipping through mall flyers to try to get the best deals for all your Christmas gifts this year. holiday-esmart-usagerights

Meanwhile, you’re kids anxiously wait to rip open those gifts that have been sitting under the tree for weeks.

They’ve been “good” this year, they’ve sent off their letters to Santa and now all they can do is hope they get what they want this Christmas.

Mostly on their list….upgraded electronics. You’ve got the new iPhone 7 for little Johnny, the MacBook Pro for little Sally and the Wacom Bamboo Notepad for your Aunt Mary who loves to sketch.

Christmas quickly comes and goes. All are happy with their new gifts, and suddenly that old desktop computer and iPhone 6 feels so pitiful, useless and archaic.

As painful as it is, this leaves you with one last thing to do…

To let go of your old electronics.

It’s the circle of electronic life.

Those old “must-haves” are inevitably destined to be replaced.

But, thanks to new laws you can’t just heave those old laptops, phones and desktop computers into the trash.

Plus why would you want to do that anyway? They still have all your data on them.

Sure, you could stop by your County Solid Waste department so they can properly recycle those old items, but that doesn’t feel right either.

The other day, while walking my dog and doing what most dog owners do while their pets are handling their business, they chat with one another.  (Or is that just me?)

The topic of discussion; the upcoming holidays and Christmas shopping of course.ewaste-usagerights-erecycling

“I’m mostly done with my shopping. My family was easy; they just wanted the latest electronics. I don’t understand why though, as long as it works it’s all the same to me. Plus, what am I supposed to do with the old stuff anyway? It seems like every year they want to the latest and greatest things. It’s a shame really, I wish I could just give it all away to someone but I don’t even know who would want it. Most of its old and I’m not even sure if all of it even works.”

Kids right here in our own backyard who can’t afford it.

That’s who would want it.

I shared with her a project I’m passionate about and explained how she could be a part of it too. It’s called the One Million Laptop Campaign.

If nothing else, it clears up the space from all of those items sitting in your closet collecting dust and puts them in the hands of a child who could really use them this year.

To learn more, go to eSmart Recycling to find out how to ditch your old electronics while giving back to the kids of your community.

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