eSmart Certification



“If you can do business and do good, then why not?”

The organization you are viewing is part of a social revolution. Whether it is called Blended Value, Conscious Capitalism, Impact Investing, or Shared Value, the same idea resonates throughout all of these names. Simply put, this corporation participates in Community Driven Entrepreneurship and contributes to initiatives that are socially conscious by setting up computer labs for kids in our local communities—and in developing countries—who don’t have access to technology.

With the help of our partners we are making an impact in the lives of children throughout the world. Now they will have access to good technology and enhance their tech education, many for the first time ever. This will help to level the playing field for many underprivileged kids, creating jobs and opportunities that are now beyond their scope of ability and/or accessibility.


The eSmart Certificate


“We are not ahead of our time, We’re just leading the way.”


Your enterprise is in business to solve problems. An eSmart Certificate extends your enterprise’s ability to provide solutions by dealing with socioeconomic problems, specifically addressing the lack of technology and education for kids all over the world. There is not a tradeoff between doing good for society and running a successful business: the two are interdependent.

Partnering with us and acquiring your eSmart Certification means you have pledged to contribute in one of 3 ways:

* Participate in the recycling of outdated IT equipment with an eSmart Certified recycling center;
* Sponsor a fully equipped tech/computer lab in a classroom, orphanage, or non-profit organization locally or globally;
* Adopt the ongoing maintenance costs for a presently equipped tech/computer lab in a classroom, orphanage, or non-profit organization.

Together with all of our partners, we believe that every child can have the opportunity to cast their own digital footprint. Want to join us?


Join the Revolution. Become eSmart Certified.