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There are stakeholders beyond just the shareholders. People and organizations in need who depend on the initiatives set forth by corporations who are socially responsible.

Problems facing our world today require major efforts and these efforts are not going to come from government agencies and tax dollars. There has been no narrowing in the gap between the rich and the poor in this globalized economy. Au contraire, the economic catastrophes many governments have faced—and continue to deal with—have enlarged the chasm and left us with a bigger burden. The question is, are we doing something—anything—to make a global difference with the resources we currently have at our disposal?

This isn’t a conversation about selling the whole farm or steering the ship away from your enterprise’s current goals and trajectory. It’s about how your business can help to solve social problems in ways that improve your bottom-line performance. Simply put, it’s about achieving positive social impact and positive business benefit at the same time.


“Business in pursuit of profit still offers the best hope of addressing many of mankind’s most deeply rooted problems. Companies that are making genuine efforts to change the world for the better should be encouraged. The future of capitalism—and the future of mankind—depends on it.” —Fortune.com


The problem in trying to do good.

The problem facing most socially conscious companies today is their inability to concentrate enough efforts onto the positive change they want to make, without sacrificing their day-to-day operations. They know they would need a specialized team to ensure the viability of their initiatives. They also have limited resources to allocate towards “good deeds” and fear that any impact they try to initiate will be short-lived, or placed in the wrong hands.

eSmart Initiatives™ solves this by first identifying the need and setting up long-term partnerships with non-profit organizations, like orphanages and schools, just to name a couple. Then, acting as a liaison between socially conscious corporations (our partners) and the children in need, we set up a tech lab on your behalf and develop a plan to maintain it. This way kids will have ongoing, long-term benefits of its use.