ITAD2ITAD Services (Information and Technology Asset Disposition)

When we talk about ITAD, we are talking about the process of securely retiring electronic business equipment (computers, servers, copiers, audio & video equipment, handheld devices, phone systems, etc.) through a regulatory-compliant system.

Selling your recently upgraded IT equipment can put money back in your budget and clean up valuable office or storage space. One of the biggest concerns companies face, is the fear of inadvertently sharing sensitive data.

Data security and environmental responsibility are the most critical aspects of asset disposition; this is why eSmart Recycling has the highest standards of data security. This is done by physically shredding in-house every single Hard Drive and data containing device we get from our customers. We do not re-market or re-sell any hard drives. No exception!

Customizable ITAD that fits YOUR needs

eSmart Recycling provides a full range of IT asset disposition (ITAD) and re-marketing solutions. Our solutions are tailored to our client’s specific needs, effectively reducing risks and maximizing re-marketing value.

We strive to deliver cost-effective recovery services for your organization’s IT assets. We have the ability to maximize your return on investment for your outdated technology equipment either by directly purchasing your equipment or by managing the equipment on consignment.

We integrate core services and benefits to make the process simple and stress-free for your organization

If you would like more information about our tailored asset management and disposition solutions, contact eSmart Recycling at 813-501-7768 or send us an email in the Contact Form.