A mission-driven company
with a clear and sustainable goal


is to recycle old technology from individuals and companies, at the highest compliance standards, and use a portion of the proceeds to fund tech labs for kids without access to computers worldwide


Recycling your technology is hard and oftentimes inconvenient. A lot of people and companies do not have a reliable way of doing it yet they understand the importance of being mindful about the environment and personal data stored in hard drives and memories.


We created a network of collection points and logistic partners to recycle your computers following the best industry standards, protecting your data by destroying your hard drives and sensitive information, saving electronics from going to the landfill and using the proceeds to fund technology labs for kids all over the world who don’t have access to computers.

Each client becomes a partner in these efforts and all of the goodwill, data, impact, and visibility are directly and indirectly shared with every stakeholder in the process. Our partners are considered good environmental stewards and catalysts in making a social and economic impact in the lives of thousands of children across the globe.

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