EPA’s rules to reduce progress of climate change

climate change progress

Just as the private sector is moving forward with recycling innovation ideas and other initiatives, the U.S. Just as the private sector is moving forward with recycling innovation ideas and other initiatives, the U.S. government is also collaborating with environmental efforts. Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported on the progress of the ENERGY … Read more

7 skills to create inclusive spaces in the workplace

inclusive spaces in the workplace

It is increasingly common to see workplaces implementing environmental responsibility plans, such as recycling innovation programs that involve employees. But just as they are concerned about environmental impact, they must also pay attention to corporate social responsibility. Diversity and inclusion must be two priorities in business discussions to start putting them into practice in order … Read more

Recycling technology as a solution

Recycling technology

The amount of waste that human beings generate each year is growing at a worrying rate. In this scenario, recycling is a necessary activity. However, despite the alternatives in recycling innovation, some of them are still not enough and require greater effort. Added to this is the gap between what can be recycled and what … Read more

Citizens of Alaska deliver value to e-waste recycling

e-waste recycling

Despite the fact that nowadays many communities in our country have special recycling boxes, there are still places where people deposit their e-waste in common landfills. However, there are also those who help and contribute to the management of e-waste in their locality. The reason is that today it is more necessary to take sustainable … Read more

Recycling material in our ears

recycling material

When we talk about electronic recycling it is very common that we relate it directly to devices that have screens or that have a domestic utility. However, there is technology all around us that we don’t pay attention to when it comes to recycling and that often ends up in the regular trash bin. For … Read more

Recycling processes for the circular economy

circular economy

One of the biggest challenges facing cities around the world today is to initiate and maintain effective recycling systems. Many of those that are already in place are long-standing and fulfilling their function. However, they can continue to develop their full potential, such as mechanical recycling, to help reinvent sustainable cities and make them a … Read more

Measuring labor productivity for engagement


In the work environment, employers want their employees to feel committed to their work. But engagement is just a proxy for another requirement that employers are most interested in: productivity. It is obvious how important it is for a person to be productive in his or her work because it is synonymous with reliable and … Read more

Thousands of people connected through collaboration

people connected

Setting up a business means risking success or failure, and when the latter happens, it usually happens before the fifth year and today with a more competitive future, the life expectancy of a business can be reduced even further. The reality is even more challenging for social enterprises working to provide services to people living … Read more

Fashion industry urgently tackles pollution in the sea

Fashion industry

Unfortunately, many retail companies around the world have processes that involve polluting activities on a smaller or larger scale. A recent report by climate advocacy organizations Pacific Environment and Stand.earth indicates that many of the retail giants are responsible for polluting gas emissions by transporting their goods around the world via fossil fuel-powered container ships. … Read more

Innovation in agriculture can be sustainable

Innovation in agriculture

Governments and industries around the world are preparing for the climate changes that will directly or indirectly affect their activities. Progress on global warming is becoming more and more evident, but there are Sustainable Development Goals that aim to stabilize these environmental consequences and apply to any business so that anyone can adopt them, for … Read more


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