The growing role of sustainability in small business marketing

sustainability marketing

Over the last decade or so, we have seen increasing concern for our collective environmental impact as a society, and pressure for us to make real strides towards creating a greener, more environmentally just world. This is not an issue of any single nation, generation or demographic, but a concern shared worldwide. An online survey … Read more

Embracing Circular Economy to sustain the future

Circular Economy

Organizations across every industry are increasingly expected to proactively review existing business models and processes that have a direct impact on the environment. As said by a report published by Waste 360, many organizations have relied on a linear economy approach, extracting resources from the environment to manufacture and sell goods to customers. While this … Read more

Three ways to prepare your company to embrace Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Until recently, companies and consumers didn’t consider what happened to products after they were sold. A possible answer to that behavior could be that producers made sure consumers saw as little waste as possible to sustain a buying cycle. But you can only hide the truth for so long. People have grown frustrated with the … Read more

E-waste: Buying too fast and not recycling fast enough

recycling fast

One common mistake when consumers buy new cell phones is not having an idea of what to do next with the device they won’t use. Either they sidelined a phone that probably had some life left in it, and didn’t recycle the old one right away so that it would have a better chance of … Read more

Computers for the kids of Pinellas Education Foundation thanks to new program with eSmart Recycling

Computers to kids

Pinellas Education Foundation and eSmart Recycling are happy to announce the kick-start of anew initiative aimed at providing computers to kids in our community who do not have access totechnology to support the Foundation’s Family E-Learning Coaching Program. The start of this new joint collaboration will consist of the deployment of (10) fully refurbishedlaptops so … Read more

Should wasteful purchases cost more?


The social awareness of waste is experiencing a recent surging. The COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences for the environment caused many stores to report and show a noticeable interest in sustainability and no-waste or low-waste products. According to Eve Andrews in an article she wrote for Grist, consumers with climate consciousness are channeling their guilt … Read more

The planet is losing way too many trees despite COP26 pledges


Despite the existence of a celebration like Arbor Day, it’s a tough time to be a tree lover. According to the latest edition of The World Resources Institute’s Global Forest Review, millions of trees were cut in 2021, potentially jeopardizing the achievement of the global climate goals set for the years to come. “We’re losing … Read more

How leaders can help reduce the environmental impact of e-waste

environmental impact

The impact of e-waste on our environment is a significant concern – especially as companies across the globe increase the use of electronic devices to innovate and attract new talent. Today, according to a sustainability study by SOTI (a leading provider of mobile device management and IoT solutions), nearly 7 in 10 U.S. IT leaders … Read more

What factors affect safe e-waste disposal?

e-waste disposal

Waste and pollution from industry is a growing environmental issue. In 2019, over 50 million metric tons of e-waste were produced by tech companies. Aside from the obvious environmental problems caused by toxic chemicals present in various devices like lead and mercury leaching into the environment, the generation of electronic waste presents significant economic difficulties. … Read more


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