Google upgrades it’s features to show more sustainable options to help users shrink their carbon footprints

carbon footprints

As the sustainable trend grows, more tech centered companies are starting to adapt their services to be aligned with the users priorities of changing their “consumer habits” for the benefit of the environment. Google, as one of the biggest companies of this sector, was no exception and announced a set of changes to its features … Read more

The Great Resignation or ‘The Great Upgrade’?

Great Resignation

After a record number of 68.9 million American workers left their jobs last year, of which 47.4 million jobs were left voluntarily. But despite a historic number of job openings, many of the workers who quit, never looked for a new gig. Millions of people have left the labor force altogether to take care of … Read more

UN Climate Report highlights the importance of Everglades restoration


The most recent United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report contains stern warnings for Florida while stressing the critical importance of wetland restoration in mitigating climate change impacts. “We need large-scale ecosystem restoration, from ocean to mountaintop”, said Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme. “We need to protect and … Read more

This startup is automating supply chain links to fight e-waste


Across the electronic device supply chain, there are many links. For smartphones, there are original equipment manufacturers (think Apple, Samsung, Motorola), mobile network operators (think Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T) and mobile virtual network operators (think Mint Mobile, Visible, Cricket). There are also third-party logistics services, device protection providers, and wholesalers and traders. All of these connections … Read more

Right to repair plus recycling may be key to slashing e-waste

Right to repair

In an interview with waste management expert Mark Kasper, published on the All About Circuits website, it’s stated that the right to repair and recycling can make a dent in the worldwide e-waste crisis. By 2030, experts estimate that 67 million tons of e-waste will be produced globally. E-waste has been inherently linked to the … Read more

An economic lung in the mountain of e-waste

mountain of e-waste

Few will remember, and others will not know, that the nearly 5,000 gold, silver and bronze medals awarded at the last Tokyo Olympics were made from almost 80 tons of e-waste. They were donated over the years by Japanese citizens in thousands of municipalities in Japan. The e-waste included millions of cell phones, computers, tablets, … Read more

Environmentally friendly mobiles you need to have on your radar

Environmentally friendly mobiles

Approximately 1.5 billion cell phones are sold worldwide every year. At the same time, the pace of consumption driven by planned obsolescence means that huge amounts of waste are also generated. According to the UN’s Global E-waste Monitor 2020, 2019 saw record e-waste. Up to 53.6 million tons of e-waste worldwide, of which only 19% … Read more

The 3 trends that will dominate the workplace in 2022, according to the professor who predicted ‘The Great Resignation’


In 2021, three words shaped the world of work: “The Great Resignation”.  Anthony Klotz, an organizational psychologist and professor at Texas A&M University, coined the phrase during an interview with Bloomberg to describe the wave of people quitting their jobs due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which led many to rethink where, how and why … Read more

The great recognition: inclusive and collaborative engagement strategy could avoid the great resignation

great resignation

Author and business leader, Brian Fielkow said; “let’s quit talking about ‘The Great Resignation, we should instead talk about the great recognition. Recognition that highly engaged employees are less likely to leave. Recognition that poor treatment yields high turnover. Recognition that employee retention is not an HR function. It’s a strategy function that must be … Read more

Toxic workplace culture is a determinant of great resignation

Toxic workplace

Employers scrambling to hold onto workers during the Great Resignation should take a hard look inward. The biggest predictor of employee attrition isn’t pay, a new analysis finds, but toxic workplace culture. Higher wages are certainly an important factor driving millions of people around the world to quit their jobs. But an analysis of more … Read more


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