The future lies in sustainable energy economics

sustainable energy

One of the most important requirements to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is the sincere struggle of the world’s leading economies to protect and develop the earth, the global ecological system, the climate, and the environment. The preservation of all the riches of the global ecological system and the efficient use of … Read more

Renewable Energy is cheaper than gas in the shift away from coal

Renewable Energy

New data from analytics firm TransitionZero reports that switching from coal to clean energy is cheaper than using gas as a transition element between those energy sources. Energy production and the way it’s used by humans is the leading cause of climate change. According to the EPA, electricity and heat production along with other energy … Read more

The growing role of sustainability in small business marketing

sustainability marketing

Over the last decade or so, we have seen increasing concern for our collective environmental impact as a society, and pressure for us to make real strides towards creating a greener, more environmentally just world. This is not an issue of any single nation, generation or demographic, but a concern shared worldwide. An online survey … Read more

Embracing Circular Economy to sustain the future

Circular Economy

Organizations across every industry are increasingly expected to proactively review existing business models and processes that have a direct impact on the environment. As said by a report published by Waste 360, many organizations have relied on a linear economy approach, extracting resources from the environment to manufacture and sell goods to customers. While this … Read more

Three ways to prepare your company to embrace Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Until recently, companies and consumers didn’t consider what happened to products after they were sold. A possible answer to that behavior could be that producers made sure consumers saw as little waste as possible to sustain a buying cycle. But you can only hide the truth for so long. People have grown frustrated with the … Read more

E-waste: Buying too fast and not recycling fast enough

recycling fast

One common mistake when consumers buy new cell phones is not having an idea of what to do next with the device they won’t use. Either they sidelined a phone that probably had some life left in it, and didn’t recycle the old one right away so that it would have a better chance of … Read more


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