Taco Bell is committed to recycling used sauce packets as a step to control the waste

Faced with the need to take sustainable actions due to the advance of climate change, some restaurants are adopting creative recycling initiatives to start contributing to the environment. Reusing materials is a common option to reduce the amount of waste generated by food businesses. There are currently many ways to contribute, but the most creative ones are gaining attention.

Taco Bell, a restaurant present throughout the United States, has started a hot sauce packet recycling campaign. The national fast-food chain is asking its customers to mail in their used mild, hot, and fire sauce packets to be recycled. Taco Bell wants to give the sauce packets a second life to address the waste of these packets that can be contaminants. The action is part of a pilot program being conducted across the country as a possible recycling solution for single-use food packaging.

Creating innovative proposals in the fast-food industry

To start the recycling plan, Taco Bell partnered with TerraCycle, a waste management specialist. Together the two companies seek to clean, melt and reshape the non-recyclable sauce packets into new recyclable material. With this work, the packages will not end up in landfills without a chance of being useful in any other way. 

Missy Schaaphok, Taco Bell’s director of Global Nutrition & Sustainability, highlighted the impact of taking a recyclable approach to our consumption habits. “As simple as it sounds, it’s important to remember to first reduce our consumption habits, then reuse products wherever possible, and then recycle. We’re excited that TerraCycle has provided a way for us to extend the life cycle of our iconic sauce packets as we reevaluate the rest of our packaging suite.”

Citizen participation to set an example for the future

Taco Bell and TerraCycle’s initiative is a good opportunity for taco lovers to contribute to this effort by collecting empty salsa packets. One way to collect is to use recycled boxes and fill them with the packets until they are full. Then create an online account at TerraCycle, log in to download and print a free shipping label. The filled boxes can then be mailed in to contribute to recycling efforts. The goal is to eliminate the idea of waste.

TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky said in a statement that this recycling program not only highlights the progressive nature of Taco Bell, it also marks a step for the quick-service industry toward more sustainable practices. A good way to put recurring materials in fast food restaurant waste to better use. One of the challenges is for more companies in the industry to follow in Taco Bell’s footsteps.

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