How companies can achieve sustainability through efficient strategies

companies sustainability

Companies are investigating how to make their businesses more sustainable. This can be achieved through a variety of strategies including waste management, zero waste initiatives, and compliance with external regulations and development goals. In order for companies to be successful in these sustainability initiatives, they must have the right strategy in place. This article will … Read more

Data destruction in companies

data destruction

Data destruction is a process used by companies to ensure the secure disposal of sensitive or confidential information stored in digital and analog media. Data destruction may include erasing or destroying digital media or physically shredding paper documents and discs. By implementing proper data destruction procedures, companies can protect their intellectual property, reduce their risk … Read more

Innovating in agriculture: 10 Examples of agricultural technologies and practices

agricultural innovation

Agriculture is a complex and dynamic production system that has evolved to feed a population of more than seven billion people. With this in mind, the need for agricultural innovation has become increasingly important as the world faces many challenges due to climate change, urbanization, and population growth. The potential for agricultural innovation is vast, … Read more

Renewable energy access for all in the U.S.

renewable energy

The United States is making significant strides towards increasing its renewable energy capacity and making renewable energy access more achievable for all. In 2020, energy sources, such as wind, hydroelectric, solar, biomass, and geothermal energy, accounted for around 21% of all electricity generated in the U.S. – the highest on record. While natural gas still … Read more

How sustainability is driving sustainable development globally

sustainable development

The message is loud and clear: sustainability is becoming a focal point in the global development agenda. Consumers around the world are increasingly aware of the need to live sustainably, expecting businesses to play a positive role in society and hold them responsible for positive change. In recent surveys, two-thirds of all respondents and three-quarters … Read more

How industry, innovation and infrastructure drive global economic growth

global economic growth

The global economy experienced rapid growth over the past decade, and the Asian Development Bank noted that while critical infrastructure in many countries is still far from adequate, there has been rapid economic growth and industrialization across the region. Despite this progress, the Global Innovation Index 2020 report showed that investments in innovation are still … Read more

Discover the benefits of disruptive technology for your business

disruptive technology

Technology is essential to the survival of any business, and the more willing you are to embrace and experiment with it, the more competitive advantages you can reap. But what happens when traditional technology no longer offers the same advantages? This is where disruptive technology, an emerging type of new technology, comes into play. Disruptive … Read more

How social sustainability can improve the well-being of local communities

social sustainability

The concept of sustainability has gained momentum with the rapid advances in global society. Sustainability is a framework that emphasizes the importance of environmental, social and economic aspects to support a healthy, robust and equitable society. Social sustainability is about creating sustainable communities that can benefit from and contribute to an environment of physical, social … Read more

Fostering a sense of community and society today

community and society

In today’s world, it is increasingly difficult to maintain a sense of community and society. As society advances, technology and the speed of life make it difficult to stay connected and maintain a sense of belonging. Despite the difficulties, there are still ways to foster a sense of community and society around the world. Learning … Read more

Examples of sustainability that you can integrate into your daily life

sustainability daily life

Sustainability is a term increasingly used and heard, not only for companies and large-scale projects, but also for everyday life in social and environmental awareness. But how can we make our lifestyle more sustainable? In this article we will talk about 10 examples of sustainability that you can integrate into your daily life. Separate your … Read more


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