The Thirteenth Judicial Circuit’s Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) is a specialized court established to serve veterans currently in or about to enter the criminal justice system, who either serve in the military or have been discharged from the military under honorable conditions and who suffer from a military service-related mental illness, traumatic brain injury, substance abuse disorder, or psychological problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder or military sexual trauma.  VTC provides a therapeutic environment coupled with an emphasis on accountability for the veteran.  Veterans are subjected to a coordinated strategy developed by a veteran treatment intervention team.  As part of the coordinated strategy an appropriate treatment plan, specific to the needs of the veteran, is determined through assessment and evaluation by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) providers or other court-approved providers.  The coordinated strategy encompasses five phases.  The veteran’s advancement from one phase to the next is not automatic and will be determined by the Court after review of the veteran’s progress in each phase of the program.  The coordinated strategy includes a protocol of incentives to encourage the veteran’s compliance with the program, as well as sanctions to discourage the veteran’s noncompliance.

Pursuant to Section 948.16(2), Florida Statutes, and Administrative Order S-2016-032, veterans may be eligible for entry into one of the VTC Pretrial Diversion Programs, e.g., VTC Misdemeanor Intervention Program (VMIP) or VTC Felony Pretrial Intervention Program (VPTI), which allows the veteran to have his/her case dismissed by the Court upon successful completion of the program.  Further, veterans with a prior conviction may be eligible for the VTC Post-Adjudication Program, where he/she may be offered a reduced sentence upon successful completion of the program.  VTC also incorporates a veteran-based mentor program to provide additional support to participating veterans.

We work alongside this wonderful organization by providing tablets and computers to veterans who go through challenges and are looking to integrate back into civilian life.

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